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1/8 Caster Racing ETO821 Competition RTR E-Buggy

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ETO821 RTR Competition E-buggy

Caster Racing ETO821 E-Buggy in a Ready To Race version for customers entering into the hobby and can race at an affordable price.

Quality components are packed into a Ready-to-race package for an easy start into the world of racing. High-end racing chassis with teated geometry, 2.4 GHz transmitter, Hobbywing Brushless Motor with a Hobbywing Waterproof ESC housed in a sturdy ESC holder.

- Big Bore Shock absorbers.

- Anodized aluminum shock bodies

- Adjustable nuts to set height

- Tall spring retainers to keep spring secure.

 - 43T/13T with 46T Center spur Combo gearing providing excellent acceleration.

- New Semi split gearbox design

 -Front and rear drivetrain have captured driveshafts using a CVD system in front. The rear has durable steel dogbones with hardened steel pins.

 - The Caster buggy pre-cut body comes fully painted in an aggressive paint scheme.

 - Comes with a high downforce wing which helps increase cornering and straight-line stability.

- The ETO821 is fitted with premounted racing-style tires with closed cell inserts that are Pre-Glued on durable race-quality wheels and good for grip on the most common surfaces.

-Shocks come prefilled with top-quality silicone oil as well and the diffs are filled with grease from the factory.

 - The RTR kit is packed in a color full large large packing box with protection for the car and transmitter.

- Parts Support and service can be found at your local hobby retailer or at

- The chassis plate has a Kick-up angle on the front for stable landings. Countersunk holes all around to keep the bottom smooth. Angled sides to increase stiffness.

- Chassis stiffeners front and rear are composite to give extra stiffness, but still allow some flex as needed.

- Fully Adjustable aluminum motor mount with multiple-size screw holes to fit different brand motors.

- Steering blocks are composite and come combined with 10-degree C-hubs for precise steering.

- Comes with Front and Rear anti-roll bars consisting of spring steel which is guided through the diff-cases. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivot ball for easy tuning.


- Needed to complete the car:

- AA batteries for the transmitter

- Lipo hard-pack Batteries

- Battery Charger/Balancer