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Gens Ace 12s LiPo Battery 60C (44.4V/5000mAh)

SKU: GEA12S500060

This is the Gens Ace 44.4V 12S 60C LiPo Battery Pack with 5000mAh capacity. This 12S battery is intended for use with large scale airplanes and helicopters; such as the Goblin, Align, XLPower, and Tron 700 and 800 sized models.

Gens Ace batteries have been proven within the Radio Control community to deliver reliable and consistent performance for all modelers alike. All Gens Ace batteries offer superior cell matching at the factory, and are extremely consistent in selecting matched cells after each and every batch produced. Additionally, low internal resistance (IR), offers modelers stable voltage output through the whole duration of the battery.

NOTE: This battery does not include a connector, the wires are left open ended. This allows you to choose and install the connector you prefer. 


Voltage: 44.4
Discharge Rate: 60C
Max Continuous Discharge: 
Max Burst Discharge: 600A
Cell Count: 12S
Capacity: 5000mAh
Dimensions: 324x52x47mm
Weight: 1600g  
Balance Plug: JST-XHR
Discharge Plug: Open ended
Charge Rate: 1-3C recommended, 5C Max
Wire Gauge: 10awg