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Hi-Amp Charge Lead BlackOut Edition w/ 4+5mm Bullet Connections - RL POWER SUPPLY

SKU: RL-4mm-5mm
RLPower Hi-Amp Charge Lead 10 awg wire 24" long w/ Black outer wire jacket on all wires. 

 Hi-Amp  Leads for the professional racers who charge and discharge their Li-Po battery packs with higher amp draws on their chargers. 

    • Ideal for the iCharge
    • Fits most high end chargers
    • Made with Hi-Amp 10 awg wire 24" in length
    • New Hi-Amp gold plated oversized 4mm bullets on charger side for a tighter fit and higher amp carrying capacity
    • New Hi-Amp gold plated oversized 5mm/4mm bullets on battery side for tighter fit and higher amp carrying capacity 
    • 2S Balance wires have been made longer for easier use when balancing batteries