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Hobbywing XR8 Plus G2S ESC (2-6S)

SKU: HW30113304
THE ALL-NEW HOBBYWING G2S ESC - The ultimate performance ESC w/ Full-sensored Mode Supported!

The ESC can work the full-sensored mode at all times
(when pairing it with a HOBBYWING matching motor).

Flameless Cooling Design & Execution

MEGA Cooling Effect + HOBBYWING's patented FCD system. The focus of the XR8 Plus G2S is the all-new, and patented fan technology.  Cooling to the ESC increases performance and reliability. The cooler the ESC can stay, the better it works.  For many years, racers simply bolted on a larger or faster fan.  This did move more air, however, it also increased the power demands of the ESC's internal BEC.  This creates internal temperature rises and wear and tear on the ESC's BEC that lead to reliability and performance losses. By allowing more air to flow through the frameless design, loads from the fan actually go down (less power draw) while the airflow and cooling are increased. This new cooling system ensures maximum airflow with no losses through a higher fan power draw. 

Durable Frameless Fan -Damage to a fan can be devastating for a racer.  Something that Hobbywing's design team took into serious consideration was creating a fan that did not break even in the most demanding conditions.  New design, materials, and guards ensure the fan will live a long healthy life and not be damaged by even the most demanding racers.

Durable frameless fan
The all-new frameless fan blades uses a special material and are extremely hard and reliable. It greatly reduces the damage of the fan blades caused by the impact of small stones, sand, and other foreign objects. Thus, reduces the failure rate of the fan compared to the traditional PBT fan.

Reverse Voltage Protected
The XeRun XR8 Plus G2S features complete reverse voltage protection.  Often battery packs get "Woops" connected and power is crossed.  The XR8 Plus G2S is protected from this causing damage to the ESC. 

RPM speed limit function
The ESC is able to support up to 6 different speed (RPM) selections to meet the needs and demands of various competitions in the world. It can be programmed by using the latest OTA Bluetooth module or the traditional 3in program box.

Programming / Upgrading / Data reading wirelessly
With Hobbywing's OTA module and smartphone (with the HOBBYWING HW Link App installed), the user can program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC

Easy Obtain Running Status with Real-time Data Recording Function
With Hobbywing's OTA module, Connect the HW Link App to the ESC and open the real-time data recording function, to check the throttle, voltage, current, temperature, RPM, and other data in real-time. Easily obtain the running status of ESC and motor.

Super Internal BEC
The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 15A and voltage adjustable from 6V to 8.4V (step:0.1V) allows the use of various standard servos, high voltage servos.

Capacitor Thermal Protection
Capacitor thermal protection implemented by the ESC will effectively prevent capacitors from exploding and causing irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload.

Custom ultra-soft 11AWG silicone wire
The ultra-soft 11AWG silicone wire is specially chosen for this product. The wire is ultra-flexible and low in resistance, making it the perfect combination to for your electronics.

Excellent dustproof performance
The ESC is IP5X. Its excellent dustproof performance can easy to overcome various On-Road & Off-Road contest tracks.

Customized solder tabs, Perfect your solder The solder tabs are specially customized by Hobbywing. They are made wider, a larger surface area in order to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although XR8 Plus G2S ESC is equipped with a built-in-reversed polarity protection feature, the external standard cap pack will still be damaged if reverse polarity does occur. For full protection, recommend using the HOBBYWING Non-polarity Capacitor module (purchase separately)


  • Edition Package XR8 Plus G2S
  • P/N 30113304
  • Lipo  2-6S
  • Wire Gauge  11AWG
  • Cont./Peak Current 200A/1080A
  • Motor Limit With 4S Lipo: KV=3000 4268 / 4274 Size motor
  • With 6S Lipo: KV=2400 4274 Size motor
  • BEC Output 6-8.4V Adjustable, Continuous/Peak Current: 6A/15A(Switch-mode)
  • FFD Technology* YES
  • Cooling fan  Included
  • Extra Capacitor Included (Quad 35V/470uF)
  • Fan Filter Included
  • Decals Included