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ProTek RC 34mm 4-Shoe Off-Road Clutch Set (4 Aluminum Shoes)

SKU: PTK-7550

The ProTek RC 4-Shoe Off-Road Clutch Set was developed in collaboration with ProTek team drivers, for discriminating 1/8 scale racers. This premium level clutch features a 34mm aluminum 4-shoe flywheel with removable steel pins so you can replace them when needed. A complete set of four 1.0, and four 0.9 springs are included, so you can mix and match spring rates as needed to tune the engagement to suit your engine, track conditions, and personal preferences.

This clutch also includes four 7075 aluminum shoes, as well as the clutch nut and flywheel collet, creating an all-inclusive high-performance clutch system. Plus, a full selection of replacement parts are available, so you can keep your maintenance program on schedule with the parts you need in your pit bag. 

NOTE: Requires ProTek 4-Shoe Clutch Bell.  


How to Assemble & Adjust the 4-Shoe Clutch from ProTek R/C



  • Full aluminum clutch shoes for high traction surfaces, as well as those who want a more aggressive hitting clutch
  • Replaceable flywheel pins
  • 34mm aluminum flywheel
  • Complete 1/8 scale off-road clutch kit 
  • Full selection of replacement parts are available  
  • (1) 34mm Flywheel
  • (4) Aluminum Shoes
  • (4) 1.0 Springs
  • (4) 9.0 Springs
  • (4) Flywheel Pins
  • (1) Clutch Nut
  • (1) Collet