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REDS Z8 Pro V2 1/8 Brushless ESC & Program Box Combo

The REDS Z8 Pro V2 1/8 Brushless ESC and Program Box Combo is the product of extensive on-road and off-road testing with REDS Racing Team drivers. Achieve optimum power, reliability and control with high quality components.

  • Improved power board and the control board with improved components for higher reliability, improved durability and better cooling
  • Fan polarity updated to make it compatible with 1/10 ZX esc and with other fans on the market
  • Lightweight aluminum fan protector to improve fan blades reliability and increase cooling efficiency
  • Excellent power feeling and control thanks to power and brake control curve algorithms.
  • Excellent Braking characteristics for constant braking feeling at every speed.
  • Real time signal translation: The signals from the receiver are translated into throttle control signals in real-time for fastest throttle control
  • Improved cooling: Three piece lightweight precision machined aluminum case with machined air ducts for improved cooling
  • High efficiency dual PCB design with high performance power board and ultra fast response digital control board
  • Advanced Timing settings: two RPM based timing settings and one “Turbo” (full throttle) timing settings
  • Switched BEC 6V and 7.4V: Easily switch between 6V and 7.4V BEC voltage for the best servo performance
  • ABC motor wire order protection: in case of motor wire reversal, the ESC cannot be damaged