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Scale By Chris Large ProTek 3D Printed Charger Stand (180mm Wide)


The Scale by Chris Large ProTek Charger Stand is an incredibly useful accessory developed specifically for the ProTek RC 610 Quad and 625 Duo chargers. This stand will improve functionality and ease of use by raising up the the back of the charger, making it easier to view the screens and access the buttons. The five piece design features two angled side plates, with two rear cross braces and a front plate with SBC logo, and its all held in place with included stainless steel hardware. The stand measures in at approximately 180mm wide, and 180mm long, so it will fit any charger with a footprint larger than 180x180mm. Plus, you can use the area beneath the charger to keep extra charge leads easily accessible, as well as to stash the power cable out of the way. 

Scale by Chris products are designed and printed in the USA. Nothing with the SBC name is ever outsourced, meaning Chris puts his hands on every part before it goes out the door. All this effort is done to create a higher quality finished product, with the functionality you need to take your work space to the next level. 

NOTE: If the stand slides on your work surface, you can add electrical tape, adhesive rubber dots, or an adhesive foam strip to bottom of the base on each side to create grip.