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Team Brood Bearing Treatment (15ml)

$11.99 $14.99
Team Brood Bearing Treatment is a surface prep product that works by applying a micro-thin dry film lubricant coating to the balls and internal races of the bearing. The dry film lubricant coating will chemically adhere to the metal parts and you will notice a smoother spinning bearing with improved performance. The reduced friction helps to provide increased efficiency, longer run time and more power to the wheels. Your bearings will need less maintenance and will last longer before needing to be replaced. Comes in needle tip bottle that allows precise application.

NOTE: Not recommended for ceramic bearings.

Directions: Thoroughly clean and dry bearing prior to application. Apply to clean bearing for 10 minutes. Spin bearing for one minute and wipe off excess. Then oil bearing as normal with a high quality oil such as Team Brood Premium Bearing Oil.