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Team Trinity 4S 14.8v 5600mah 130C Shorty w/5mm Bullets

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SKU: TEP2324
The RC industry is always evolving and here at Trinity we are always on the cutting edge. We are proud bring our 5,600 mah 4s shorty (TEP2324) to market. This 4s Shorty helps keep weight small and compact for more tuning abilities than ever before in an 1/8th scale application! The tuning possibilities that can be achieved with this pack are new and never before seen!

Battery Size 4 Cell Shorty
ROAR Approved Pending 
Battery Type LiPo 
Voltage 14.8v
Capacity @14.8V
Capacity @15.2V
Weight  420g avg
Connector Type
5mm Bullet (Not Included)
Balance Connector
XH Balance Lead
Number of Cells 4
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 96x47x47
Maximum Charg9e Rate 3C = 18 amps
Continuous Discharge "C" 130C
Watt Hour @14.8V 82.88Wh