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Traxxas Drag Racing Start Light

SKU: 6595
The Traxxas Drag Racing Start Light is the ultimate option for the RC drag racer. This portable start light is a great way to both practice your launches and race your friends heads up. Press the start button and a yellow light will flash for ten seconds, giving you time to stage. Once the flashing light stops, a delay of 2-6 seconds will start before it is lights on and the race begins. Combine this with the optional Traxxas Wireless Remote (TRA8857) for the most authentic experience. Package includes one drag race start light.

New @Traxxas Drag Race Start Light

  • High-intensity LEDs are easily visible even in bright daylight
  • Compact design and easy setup for racing anywhere
  • Ten second countdown to “stage”
  • Random 2-6 second start delay prevents drivers from anticipating the start light
  • Rugged, impact-resistant construction
  • Compatible with the Traxxas wireless remote (TRA8857 - sold separately)
Needed to Complete:
  • (3) AA Batteries