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ProTek RC 2S-6S 4-Battery Parallel Charger Board (T-Style/JST-XH)

$22.99 $25.99
SKU: PTK-5335

This is the ProTek R/C 2S-6S 4-Battery Parallel Charger Board. Do you have a lot of batteries that take forever to charge? The ProTek R/C Parallel Charge Board will charge up to four LiPo batteries simultaneously, and also balance the individual cells of each battery during the charge process. If charging four batteries simultaneously doesn't satisfy demands, two Parallel Charge Boards can be daisy chained to charge eight batteries at once!

Be Advised: Some newer batteries (like some GensAce) come with balance plug protectors which are slightly bulky and do not properly fit this board. You will need to remove the protector or find an alternative method.

The Parallel Charger Board is also compatible with Li-Ion and LiFe Batteries. Of course, the battery charger must be compatible for the chosen battery chemistry and only that battery chemistry can be charged at once with the board (example: don't mix LiPo's with LiFe's). Additionally, the parallel charge process only works when charging batteries of the same cell count, similar age and of similar discharge states. But as long as these needs are met, plug in your batteries' T-Style/Deans power connector (or adapter) and the XH balance plug to the Parallel Charge Board, and let the juice flow.

Other features include an impact resistant custom molded plastic hard case, replaceable DC input fuse, replaceable battery port fuses, and self-resetting polyfuses protecting all balance ports.


Important Parallel Charging Rules:  

  • Only the same battery chemistry can be charged at once (don't mix LiPo's with LiFe's, etc.)
  • Only same celled Lithium batteries can be charged at once (don't mix 4S with 6S, etc.)
  • Only charge batteries with similar states of discharge (within 0.2V)
  • Always program the charger to the total capacity of all attached batteries (if charging four 5000mAh batteries, set the charger to 20,000mAh, etc. It is ok to charge batteries with different mAh capacities)


    • Charge four batteries at once
    • Charge from 2S to 6S Lithium batteries
    • Balances each individual cell of each battery
    • Daisy chain multiple boards for additional charging  
    • Convenient T-Style battery connector
    • 4mm gold bullet input connectors 
    • 40A max current
    • Replaceable DC input fuse
    • Replaceable battery port fuses
    • Self-resetting polyfuses protect balance circuits
    • Impact resistant custom molded plastic hard case

    Voltage: 0-22.2V DC
    Max Current:
    4 packs (must be same capacity & cell count)
    Battery Connector:
    Input Connector: 4mm Gold Bullet/JST-XH
    Input Connector Length: 6.75in (17.1cm)
    Dimensions (LxWxH*): 6.8x3.9x0.75in (17.2x9.9x1.9cm)
    *Height is 1.25 inches from the top of fuses

      Note: When using the Parallel Charge Board you will lose the ability to monitor each pack independently. The information the charger displays will be an average of all the cells attached.