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XRAY X4 2024 1/10 Electric AWD On-Road Touring Car Kit (Aluminum)

SKU: 300039

Elevated Level of 1/10 On-Road Competition Touring Car Kit

The XRAY X4 2024 1/10 Electric Touring Car Chassis Kit is the embodiment of precision engineering, catering to the discerning needs of on-road touring car enthusiasts. This meticulously updated and improved kit is designed to deliver outstanding handling characteristics and adaptability, making it a standout performer on a diverse array of tracks and racing conditions.

Offered in two distinct versions, the Graphite edition and the Aluminum edition, this chassis kit has been finely tuned to excel in specific racing scenarios. The Graphite edition is the preferred choice for those conquering asphalt tracks and lower-traction carpet surfaces, while the Aluminum edition is tailored for carpet tracks with varying grip levels, ranging from low to high bite conditions, and high-traction asphalt tracks. The kit includes a 2.2mm graphite chassis engineered for asphalt and a 2.0mm aluminum flex chassis that sports a tapered bottom edge, reducing ground contact and enhancing cornering speed.

At the heart of the XRAY X4 2024 kit lies its precision CNC-machined chassis. The 2.2mm graphite chassis is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional traction and precise steering characteristics. This means your car responds to your inputs with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring you stay in control of the track. On the other hand, the 2.0mm aluminum flex chassis, crafted from premium black-coated Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, features specialized cutouts that allow for the desired chassis flex characteristics. Its tapered bottom edge minimizes ground contact, resulting in improved cornering speed and overall performance.

NOTE: Finished kit shown in the photos is for illustrative purposes only. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model.

Build & Tech Tips: Full list of build and tech tip videos found here

Updated and Improved Features:

  • Suspension arms with relocated shock positions to improve lower arm flex and reduce twist under load.
  • Inner shock locations to improve weight distribution with the shocks closer to the vehicle midline.
  • Lower arms with under arm anti-roll bar mounting position to reduce the shock/ride height by 4.5mm for ultra-low CG!
  • Upper arms are shaped to provide extra clearance around the updated shock positions while maintaining proper suspension geometry and rigidity.
  • Front and rear shock holders use shims to adjust the shock positions in finer increments.
  • Three different shock mounting options that provide chassis flex alternatives to tune the grip and responsiveness level.
  • Active or fixed rear shock configurations that provide two dampening options in one mount:
    • The Fixed setting is the traditional shock mounting method.
    • The Active setting softens the rear suspension to improve off-power steering and increase rotation in high traction conditions.
  • Simplified shock absorber installation uses a fixed set screw to secure the threaded shock mount stud and prevent unwanted movement during maintenance.
  • Front steering plates with improved Ackermann positions that integrate with the updated arms and shock positions.
  • Rear ARS plates that move the link forward for improved rotation
  • ECS drive shaft case with a C-clip to secure the updated aluminum sleeve that captures the coupler pins without the use of set screws for improved reliability and easy assembly.
  • Narrower chassis design with reduced cornering drag, with beefed up center chassis area for improved durability and reduced chassis fatigue.


  • Available in two different versions to suit any track:
    • The Graphite edition is intended for asphalt tracks and lower traction carpet tracks.
    • The Aluminum edition is suitable for all carpet tracks, ranging from the low- to medium-bite found on many EU carpet tracks to the high bite conditions found on US black carpet, and on very high traction asphalt tracks.
  • The 2.2mm graphite chassis is CNC-machined from premium-grade material. This chassis is developed for all asphalt conditions. The narrow chassis is only 84mm wide with a variety of chassis flex adjustments that help to generate exceptional traction and give excellent steering characteristics.
  • The 2.0mm aluminum flex chassis is CNC-machined from premium black coated Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum with a narrow 84mm design that features special cut outs to provide the desired chassis flex characteristics, while the bottom edge of the chassis is tapered to reduce contact between the chassis and the ground to improve cornering speed.
  • Different arm hardness are included in the graphite and aluminum versions for the best possible out of the box performance on their intended surfaces:
    • Graphite version includes (Medium) suspension arms for extremely responsive and sharp handling, great cornering speed & traction.
    • Aluminum version includes (Hard) suspension arms with low- to medium bite feel for reduced traction roll in high grip surfaces
  • Heavy duty upper clamps improve durability in hard crashes.
  • Tweak-free, fully adjustable Quick Battery Mounting System.
  • Two different pivot ball lengths of 5.5mm and 6.5mm for different rear hub height adjustments.
  • XLP shock parts are specifically designed for the smallest possible size to reduce the weight and keep the lowest possible CG.
  • Universal reversible servo mount with the choice of front or rear position to adjust the chassis flex and steering feel for different conditions.
  • The X4 gear differential produces the on-power steering needed on nearly all types of tracks and is ideal for both carpet and asphalt.
  • Split top decks design to improve steering and traction
  • Adjustable tensioners ensure proper belt adjustment for maximum drive train efficiency.


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Completion Level: Unassembled
  • Type: On-Road Touring Car
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Drivetrain: Belt Driven 4WD


  • (1) XRAY X4 2024 1/10 Electric Touring Car Chassis Kit
  • (1) Manual

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) 2+ CH Transmitter and Receiver system
  • (1) Steering Servo
  • (1) 1/10 540 Electric Motor
  • (1) Suitable ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • (1) 2S (7.4V) LiPo Battery
  • (1) Compatible Charger
  • Assembly tools & Polycarbonate paint for body

    Available in two versions:

    300038 - X4'24 Graphite Edition

    300039 - X4'24 Alum Flex Edition