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Flash Point Silicone Shock Oil (75ml) (850cst)

SKU: FPR0850

This is a 75ml bottle of Flash Point Silicone Shock Oil. The higher the cst rating of the oil, the thicker the oil is. Thicker oils are usually recommended for smoother, high grip tracks, while thinner oils make the car easier to drive on bumpy and loose surfaces. Use the pull down menu above to select the oil weight.


     CST to Weight Conversion Chart
 300cst 27wt
 350cst 30wt
 400cst 34wt
 450cst 37wt
 500cst 41wt
 550cst 44wt
 600cst 48wt
 650cst 51wt
 700cst 54wt
 750cst 58wt
 800cst 61wt
 850cst 64wt
 900cst 67wt