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J&T Bearing Co. Mugen MBX8R NMB Bearing Kit

SKU: JTB-JT10040

J&T Bearing Mugen MBX8R NMB Bearing Kit. This kit is compatible with the Mugen MBX8 and MBX8R models. The NMB bearing kit offers a balance of lifespan, value, and quality that can only be achieved with NMB bearings. This kit is a great "mid-grade" option between standard steel bearings and more expensive ceramic bearings. These grease-filled bearings feature polished stainless steel balls, "TW" type nylon ball retainer, a combination of zero contact metal shields and rubber seals, with a true ABEC 5 rating.  

NOTE: The photo shows a random "NMB" grade bearing kit and does not represent the product you will receive. See "includes list" below for a list of the bearings included in this kit.


  • (2) 5x10x4
  • (4) 6x10x3
  • (4) 6x13x5
  • (10) 8x16x5
  • (4) 15x21x4