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JConcepts Slash Pre-Mounted Landmines SC Tires w/Hazard Wheels (2) (Yellow) w/12mm Hex

SKU: JCO4009-3044

These are the JConcepts Slash Pre-Mounted Landmines SC Tires with Hazard Wheels. Designed as a superb all terrain option for the 2wd Slash rear or Slash 4X4 this Pre-Mounted SCT tire is the perfect all around option. A robust tire carcass gives you excellent durability in rough conditions yet is still flexible enough to conform to terrain. 

JConcepts spent considerable time with the split-block center design which has been sliced, stepped, and recessed for flexibility and contortion over sharp, loose, and polished surfaces. The Landmines have alternating solid and cavity pads which is ideal for transitioning from smooth dirt or pavement into dirt, mud, and rocky terrain. Moving toward the edges of the carcass, the SCT tire has horizonal grippy pads with edge and channels to provide additional forward climbing bite.

The flexibility and strength of the yellow compound combined with the lug arrangement gives the tire a grippy feel but still maintains an all-important scale and performance look. The overall height provides plenty of ground clearance for an abundance of terrain and bossed side-wall logos read with beauty and balance. The tires include a closed cell insert capable of standing up to the compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain. 

NOTE: The included wheels use an offset that is compatible with Traxxas Slash 2WD rear or Slash 4X4 front/rear applications. 


  • Pre-mounted Landmines SCT tire on Hazard JCO3351B wheels
  • Robust carcass, split-block design, 1:1 inspired
  • Sliced, stepped, and recessed lugs for contortion control
  • Strong, yellow compound
  • Lightning pattern, knob plots and connector bars for extra edges
  • Radial sidewall lugs and extra island mapping for squeeze grip
  • Includes medium closed cell insert
Outer Diameter (without inserts): 109mm (4.30”)
Mounting Diameter: 2.2” x 3.0”

  • (2) Slash Pre-Mounted Landmines SC Tires with Hazard Wheels and 12mm Hex (Yellow)

Tire Compound Chart