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Kyosho Inferno NEO 3.0 1/8 RTR Off Road Nitro Buggy Type-3 (Yellow) w/Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz Radio

SKU: KYO33012T6

The Kyosho Inferno NEO 3.0 ReadySet 1/8 Off-Road Buggy, inheriting the DNA of 8 World Championship titles, guarantees exceptional performance from the moment it's unboxed. Equipped with a user-friendly KE21SP engine featuring a recoil pull starter, this buggy not only boasts Big Bore Shocks with 3.5mm thick shafts but also includes a 5mm aluminum MP777 front shock tower. Additionally, it features KC Moto-Cross style tires for optimal traction on various terrains. Completing the package is the high-response and torque water-proof servo, KS5031-09MW, ensuring precision control. This vehicle seamlessly combines racing prowess with off-road dominance, providing accessible high performance for all levels of enthusiasts.

About the Inferno NEO 3.0

Engine & Pipe

The 3.5cc KE21SP engine delivers exceptional high-end RPMs coupled with a substantial amount of torque, ensuring top-notch performance on any track. Tuning this engine is simplified with a 2-needle carburetor, allowing you to easily adjust for the desired speed on both the top and bottom ends. This means you can confidently double in and singe out, and scream across the finish line!

Suspension Design

The suspension geometry of this buggy is completely adjustable to ensure you can precisely setup this buggy to your track. The large shock bodies are super smooth and use a bladder style for excellent dampening. Sway bars are used front and rear to further improve chassis stability.


Utilizing insights garnered from the traits of previous generations, The impressive lineage of the world-beating Inferno MP7.5 series is ingrained in this fully-assembled chassis, offering an ideal blend of competition-level performance and enjoyable sporty driving.


  • Just add fuel and batteries to this Readyset and let the engine-powered racing buggy fun begin!
  • Equipped with four-wheel double wishbone suspension
  • 5mm aluminum MP777 front shock tower
  • Threaded Big-bore shocks with 3.5mm thick shafts
  • Rugged Moto Moto-cross style KC Cross Tire!!
  • KS5031-09MW high response high torque water-proof servos
  • Universal swing shafts are standard on the front drive section and minimize drive loss and improve crash resistance
  • Gear diffs on center, front, and rear ensure optimal driving force is transferred to all four wheels
  • Double disc brakes provide the stopping power needed for a large racing machine
  • Sealed radio box protects the battery and receiver from crashes, sand, and dust


  • (1) Kyosho Inferno Neo 3.0 RTR
  • Manual

Needed to Complete

  • (8) AA alkaline batteries for transmitter and receiver
  • 205 - 25% Nitro Fuel
  • Starting tools (Fuel bottle, Plug heater)


Scale Size 1:8
Terrain Off-Road
Body Style Buggy
Drive 4WD
Length 18.46in (469mm)
Width 12.08in (307mm)
Wheelbase 12.81in (325.5mm)
Weight 7.49lb (3400g)
Power Source Nitro
Assembly Level Ready to Run*

*Ready to Run Models come assembled with pre-installed servos and engine from the manufacturer. Most still require fuel, glow plug igniter, and other accessories. Please check the "Needed to Complete" to ensure you have everything you need to get out and play!