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LFR Bruggy body (clear) for Tekno NT48 2.0


MSRP: $42.00

Bruggy body (clear) for Tekno NT48 2.0 #LFRT4037

Now available; Leadfinger Racing introduces the new bruggy body for the Tekno NT 48 2.0! 

The nitro version of the new NT 2.0 bruggy body features a large cab with an intergraded stabilizer and down force. Added air dams to the side pods that increase overall handling capabilities and feel. The rear fin has been raised to help provide more level jumping and assist traction.

The new bruggy body from Leadfinger Racing for the Tekno NT48 2.0 comes with window masks, front grill, and headlight stickers. LFR logo stickers also provided.

Made in the USA by Leadfinger Racing

*Larger cab with center stabilizer and intergraded downforce

*Air dams on side dams for better overall handling

*Raised rear fin to aide jumping and assist traction

*Body is sold clear and ready for paint

*Window masks, front grill stickers provided

*Made in the USA

Part #LFRT4037 Leadfinger Racing bruggy body (clear) for Tekno NT48 2.0 nitro truck