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ProTek RC "DustBuster 2" TLR Style Pre-Oiled Air Filter Foam (6) (RC8B3/8IGHT/D817/SRX8/NB48 2.0)

$14.99 $15.99
SKU: PTK-7716

This is a pack of six ProTek R/C "DustBuster 2" Pre-Oiled Air Filters, intended for use with the Team Associated RC8B3, Losi/TLR 8IGHT family of vehicles, Serpent SRX8, Tekno NB48 2.0 family of vehicles and the D8 family of vehicles equipped with the optional Hot Bodies V2 Air Filter Set (HBS114623).

In the unforgiving world of 1/8 scale off road, something as simple as the air filter can be the difference between success and failure. The air filter system is the only thing preventing dirt and other contaminants from getting pulled into your vehicles engine. This small component could become the source of an expensive problem in the time it takes to burn through a tank of fuel! Many filter's are adequate, but when it comes to your engine, adequate is not good enough. Your prized engine deserves the best.

Manufactured in Germany by the worlds leading R/C air filter company, ProTek R/C "DustBuster 2" air filters are specially designed and precision cut to fit within a .2mm tolerance. The unique white filter material is superior to anything else available, delivering incredible airflow and at the same time preventing even the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your valuable engine. Plus, the bright color makes it easy to see just how dirty your filter is. So stop crossing your fingers and start ProTekting your engine with a quality two stage air filter that is as effective as it is affordable.


  • RC8B3 Air Filter Set (ASC81124)
  • Losi Filter Housings (LOSA9150)
  • Hot Bodies V2 Air Filter (HBS114623)
  • Tekno RC (TKR9343)



  • Made in Germany
  • Precision cut within a +/- .2mm tolerance
  • Perfect fit in the filter housing
  • Increased filter mass for improved air flow and dust protection
  • Standard two-stage inner/outer filter design
  • Pre-Oiled for convenience 

Note: For Hot Bodies D8 vehicles, these air filters will only work with the optional V2 Air Filter Set (HBS114623). They will not work with the original air filter!

    This product was added to our catalog on July 2, 2013