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ProTek RC Flywheel Removal Tool (.21/.28)

$22.99 $24.99
SKU: PTK-2023

This is the ProTek R/C Flywheel Removal Tool. No one wants to spend money on low quality tools. Tools are an investment that should not be taken lightly and are one of the few items that should outlast the life of the model you are working on...and remain with you for years after. With so many choices available, the decision can be overwhelming. So ProTek R/C has stepped up again, expanding its product line with a complete range of affordable, high quality tools that help to make the decision a little easier.

This flywheel removal tool is machined from high quality aluminum and has a 28mm spread between the pulling teeth, so it will work with smaller 32mm flywheels and can still be used with larger 36mm flywheels! It has been anodized black with aluminum beveled edges for good looks and will allow you to easily pull any flywheel off any engine, without any hassles.