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ProTek RC Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition 'Drake-In' .21 Competition Nitro Engine (Broken In by Adam Drake w/21j Carburetor)

SKU: PTK-2690-1

ProTek R/C is Delighted to announce the arrival of the astounding Samurai RM.1 Maifield Edition 3-Port .21 Competition Nitro Engine with increased fuel mileage by nearly 60 seconds. Designed in collaboration with legendary R/C Racer "Ryan Maifield" who is constantly looking to achieve the highest level of performance, speed and outcome on the track to be the pinnacle of off-road 1/8 nitro buggy and truck R/C racing engines!

About the Samurai RM.1

"Drake-In" Engine Break-In

Adam Drake is a legend - so its no surprise that when we decided to offer a pre-run Samurai, we would take advantage of Adam's "EBIS" engine break in services. Now, the same "Oil Bath" break in service trusted by Ryan Maifield, Robert Battle, Ty Tessmann, Spencer Rivkin, Mike Truhe, and many others is now available to you, performed with the knowledge and precision that has made The Drake a legend in RC racing.

Updated Internals

The RM.1 features smoother low end power with higher top speed, a steel backplate insert to reduce friction and wear while increasing RPM and providing a supreme stable idle! A strengthened black-coated crankcase to maximize durability and reliability! Additionally, the Samurai RM.1 utilizes a 3-port type ABC piston and cylinder that are specially designed to provide more torque over the power range!

Updated Profile & Externals

The blue anodized cooling head with laser etched ProTec, Samurai and RM logos features a low CG (Center of Gravity) design providing a boost to stability and giving a more planted feel to the chassis. Another major improvement that the ProTek team wanted to bring to the RM.1 is the case durability that now features an all CNC-machined cast aluminum design to allow racers to push their buggies and tucks to the limit without having to worry about the engine case cracking!

Included Glow Plug & Carburetor

Combined with this magnificent Samurai RM.1 engine are the racer's favorite ultra hot, performance oriented, ProTek P3 turbo glow plug and Samurai RM 21j "High Efficiency" carburetor that has proven to be one of the most reliable and powerful carburetors and glow plugs that pro racers can always depend on since 2014! Just add the ProTek R/C (PTK-2090 - Sold Separately) Tuned Pipe with Manifold combo to experience the highest level of quality and performance ProTek R/C provides for all-time greats like Maifield that separates him from the rest of the competition!


  • Designed in collaboration with Ryan Maifield
  • Crafted in Japan by a leading maker of model engines
  • Increased fuel mileage by nearly 60 seconds
  • Smoother low end power with higher top speed
  • Low CG cooling head design
  • Steel backplate insert to reduce friction and wear while increasing RPM and providing a supreme stable idle
  • High quality ceramic rear ball bearing
  • 3-Port Type ABC piston and cylinder enabling more torque over the power range
  • Strengthened black-coated crankcase
  • Utilizes 21j "High Efficiency" carburetor