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Tekno RC SCT410 2.0 Competition 1/10 Electric 4WD Short Course Truck Kit

SKU: TKR9500

High-Performance 1/10 Electric 4WD RC Truck Kit

The Tekno RC SCT410 2.0 has been designed to give you the technology and performance to drive right to the podium. Entry-Level Enthusiasts will enjoy the quick and simple build while Seasoned Pros will love the extremely tunable chassis layout. Capable of handling 2-4S and 1/10-1/8 power systems, Tekno has given you a highly versatile chassis to build from. Whether you are just starting out in Short Course Truck (SCT) Racing or are at pro level, the SCT410 2.0 has what you need to be successful.


The BEST 4X4 Short Course Truck of 2023 (Tekno SCT410 2.0)


About The SCT410 2.0

Tekno RC SCT10 2.0 Chassis Bottom Photo

Long Wear Chassis

The 4mm long wear chassis accommodates plenty of performance features like the Hybrid Hinge Pin Blocks with Integrated Steel Braces that provide exceptional stability and durability, ensuring precise handling on demanding tracks. The CNC 7075 One-Piece Motor Mount, with preset gearing options, gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your motor's powerband to match your driving style and track layout. With the versatility to run the standard 2S LiPo or more ballistic 3-4S battery packs, this RC vehicle is ready for maximum power.

Tekno RC SCT10 2.0 Electronics Photo

Lightweight Differentials

Engineered to withstand the formidable power of 1/8 scale systems while upholding Tekno's renowned 'Tank' reputation, these durable, lightweight differentials are a game-changer. With these differentials, you'll experience a smoother, more efficient drivetrain and quicker acceleration while reducing the load on your electronics. Whether you're navigating high-grip surfaces or challenging loose terrain, the versatility of lightweight fluid-filled differentials guarantees peak performance for your SCT for each and every race day.

Tekno RC SCT10 2.0 Upper Chassis Photo

Beefy Shock Towers

The robust 4mm 7075 Shock Towers feature integrated chassis braces to reinforce your SCT's structural integrity, ensuring exceptional durability and stability during demanding off-road sessions. Paired with these towers are the super smooth 13mm Big Bore Shocks, offering a plush and responsive suspension system that absorbs ruts with ease. These shocks are compatible with an array of 16mm spring options, allowing for precise tuning to match your driving style and track conditions. With this winning combination, you'll achieve superior control and performance, whether you're tackling rough terrains or fine-tuning your setup for competitive racing.

Tekno RC SCT10 2.0 Electronics Photo

Chassis Layout

The SCT410 2.0 prioritizes durability and drivetrain strength, offering built-in compatibility with 2 to 4S power setups right from the start. Featuring robust hardened steel universal driveshafts, outdrives, and stub axles, this RC vehicle is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. Its modular design ensures versatility by allowing seamless integration with a vast array of parts and options derived from the EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.X line of vehicles. This adaptability empowers enthusiasts and racers to tailor the vehicle to their individual driving preferences and style.


  • Long Wear 4mm Black Anodized Chassis
  • Lightweight differentials
  • Hybrid hinge pin blocks with integrated steel braces
  • CNC 7075 aluminum one-piece motor mount with preset gearing options
  • 13mm big bore shocks with 16mm spring options
  • Beefy 4mm 7075 aluminum shock towers with integrated braces
  • Accommodates standard 2S to 4S battery packs
  • Hardened steel drivetrain is 1/8th power system ready
  • HD bumpers nerf bars and body mounts
  • Compatible with many EB/NB48 2.1 parts and options