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Power Hobby 2S 7.4V 5000MAH 100C Shorty Lipo Battery w/ 4mm Bullet Connectors

SKU: RCELP2S5000100C

2S 7.4V 5000MAH 100C Shorty Lipo Battery, w/ 4mm Bullet Connectors

This hard case car pack was designed with racers in mind.

Hard Plastic Case
4mm female bullet connectors for positive (+) and negative (-) terminals
2mm terminal for balancing
"Shorty" configuration allows racers to alter the weight distribution
by shifting the battery position in the tray

Suggested Charge Rate: 1C


  • Length: 94mm (3.70 in.)
  • Width: 45mm (1.77 in.)
  • Height: 25mm (0.98 in.)
  • Weight: 209g (7.37 oz)